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 Formulary Chapter 25: A2 - Borderline substances - Full Section

Further Guidance and Useful Sources of Information

Further guidance and sources of information on enteral feeds, nutritional supplements, specialised formulas, infant formulae and feed additives & supplements are available on Chapter 9 of the formulary.

The complete adult oral nutritional supplements (ONS) formulary and guidance on how to initiate ONS in Primary Care are included there also.

These should be read and referred to in conjunction with this chapter of the formulary.

Numbers in brackets indicate counts of (Formulary items, Non Formulary items)
A2.01 Enteral feeds (0,1)
A2.01.01 Enteral feeds (non-disease specific): less than 5 g protein/100 mL (0,0)
A2.01.01.01 Enteral feeds: 1 kcal/mL and less than 5 g protein/100 mL (0,15)
A2.01.01.02 Enteral feeds: Less than 1 kcal/mL and less than 5 g protein/100 mL (0,0)
A2.01.02 Enteral feeds (non-disease specific): 5 g (or more) protein/100 mL (0,0)
A2.01.02.01 Enteral feeds: 1.5 kcal/mL and 5 g (or more) protein/100 mL (0,10)
A2.01.02.02 Enteral feeds: Less than 1.5 kcal/mL and 5 g (or more) protein/100 mL (0,15)
A2.01.02.03 Enteral feeds: More than 1.5 kcal/mL and 5 g (or more) protein/100 mL (0,2)
A2.01.03 Enteral feeds: Child under 12 years (0,0)
Amino acid formula (essential and non-essential amino acids) (0,0)
A2.01.03.02 Enteral feeds, Child: 1 kcal/mL and less than 4g protein/100 mL (0,5)
Hydrolysate Formula (0,0)
A2.01.03.03 Enteral feeds, Child: More than 1 kcal/mL and less than 4g protein/100 mL (0,0)
A2.01.03.04 Enteral feeds, Child: 1.5 kcal/mL and more than 4g protein/100 mL (0,5)
A2.01.03.05 Enteral feeds, Child: Less than 1 kcal/mL and less than 4g protein/100 mL (0,1)
A2.02 Nutritional supplements (0,0)
A2.02.01 Powdered Oral Nutritional Supplements (8,3)
A2.02.01.01 Milkshake/ Yoghurt Style Sip Feeds (11,11)
A2.02.01.02 Juice Style Sip Feeds (4,3)
A2.02.02 Fibre containing sip feeds (1,3)
A2.02.02.01 Semi-solid Dessert Products (4,9)
A2.02.02.02 Pre-thickened Products (5,5)
A2.02.02.03 Compact sip feeds (11,4)
A2.02.02.04 High Protein Products (0,0)
A2.03 Specialised formulas (0,0)
A2.03.01 Specialised formulas: Infant and child (22,10)
A2.03.02 Specialised formulas for specific clinical conditions (6,18)
A2.04 Feed supplements (0,0)
A2.04.01 High-energy supplements (0,1)
A2.04.01.01 High-energy supplements: carbohydrate (1,5)
A2.04.01.02 High-energy supplements: fat (7,10)
Fat and Carbohydrate (0,0)
A2.04.01.03 High-energy supplements: protein (4,1)
Protein and carbohydrate (0,0)
Protein, fat, and carbohydrate (0,0)
A2.04.02 Fibre, vitamin, and mineral supplements (0,0)
High-fibre supplements (0,1)
Vitamin and Mineral supplements (0,2)
A2.05 Feed additives (0,0)
A2.05.01 Special additives for conditions of intolerance (0,3)
A2.05.02 Feed thickeners and pre-thickened drinks (3,9)
A2.05.03 Flavouring preparations (0,4)
A2.06 Foods for special diets (0,0)
A2.06.01 Gluten-free foods (0,0)
Bread (0,0)
Loaves (0,14)
Baguettes, buns and rolls (0,11)
Speciality breads (0,2)
Cookies and biscuits (0,5)
Crackers, crispbreads, and breadsticks (0,5)
Flour mixes and xanthan gu (0,18)
Flour mixes (0,0)
Xanthan gum (0,0)
Pasta (0,11)
Pizza bases (0,8)
A2.06.01.01 Gluten and wheat-free foods (0,0)
A2.06.02 Low-protein foods (0,1)
Bread (0,5)
Cake, biscuits, and snacks (0,7)
Cereals (0,1)
Desserts (0,3)
Flour mixes and egg substitutes (0,5)
Pasta (0,2)
Pizza bases (0,2)
Savoury meals and mixes (0,2)
Spreads (0,1)
A2.07 Nutritional supplements for metabolic diseases (0,1)
Glutaric aciduria (type 1) (0,4)
Glucogen storage disease (0,1)
Homocystinuria or hypermethioninaemia (0,8)
Hyperlysinamia (0,2)
sovaleric acidaemia (0,3)
Maple syrup urine disease (0,12)
Methylmalonic or propionic acidaemia (0,4)
Other inborn errors of metabolism (0,8)
Phenylketonuria (0,27)
Tyrosinaemia (0,10)
Urea cycle disorders (other than arginase deficiency) (0,1)
A2.08 New Sub Section (0,0)