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Welcome to the Milton Keynes Formulary
For use by all primary and secondary care prescribers within Milton Keynes

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NICE Guidance
UpToDate Antimicrobial RxGuidelines webview (Secondary Care) Antimicrobial Guidelines (Secondary Care)
Clinical Guides from NHSE during Covid-19 Monitoring Guidance for Specific Drugs during Covid-19 Application Forms (coming soon)
Antimicrobial Guidelines: Primary Care (short form) Antimicrobial Guidelines: Primary Care (full table)


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Supply Disruption Alert - Calcium Chloride 10% pre-filled syringes

Supply Disruption Alert - Ranitidine: All formulations

Our new Milton Keynes Joint Formulary is now launched.



If you would like to provide any feedback on the formulary or if you have any questions or queries, please complete the feedback form under the "Feedback" tab on the top of the home page. Thank you.  


Traffic Light Status Information

Status Description


Routine prescribing within licensed indication  

Amber 1

Specialist recommendation followed by GP initiation and continuation  

Amber 2

Specialist or GP initiation in line with local guideline after 1st line failure followed by GP continuation   

Amber 3

Specialist initiation and stabilisation followed by GP continuation  

Amber SCG

Specialist initiation and stabilisation followed by GP continuation in line with an agreed shared care guideline  


Hospital or specialist prescribing only  

Red Red

These medicines have been evaluated and rejected by MKPAG and are NOT approved for use within MK. They are not recommended for use because of lack of clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness or safety.  


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