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Milton Keynes Formulary

We acknowledge receipt and implementation of Technology Appraisals issued by NICE. Where there is a recommendation for a drug to be made available or as an option, we fully comply with NICE guidance. See NICE Adherence Checklist.

The Joint Formulary is produced as a joint venture between primary and secondary care. It has been designed as a tool to assist in promoting safe, cost-effective prescribing within the Milton Keynes Area. The aim is that the Joint Formulary will cover 80-90% of prescribing within the Milton Keynes Health Community although we recognise that there will be instances where prescribing outside of the formulary will be both necessary and appropriate.

It is prepared by the Milton Keynes Prescribing Advisory Group (MKPAG) in consultation with consultant specialists, GP’s, primary and secondary care prescribers, pharmacists and with others who have a particular interest and/or knowledge in specific areas of therapeutics whilst also taking into account;

Patient factors

Clinical efficacy


Cost effectiveness

Clinician choice/experience

National guidelines eg NICE

Use of the Joint Formulary will also help to ensure seamless prescribing for patients between Primary and Secondary Care, thereby reducing the confusion and possible errors that can happen when medications are changed. The formulary is continually evolving and its contents are kept under constant review.